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Dr. Rose Hallard Presents


A groundbreaking technology that places you and a partner into a shared dream space.* 


Dream Link is a two-player escape game experience.

You and a partner are testing a new technology that pairs you into a shared dream state.

Because the technology is still being tested, if anything goes wrong, you must establish communication, solve various puzzles, and accomplish mind bending tasks together before the “batteries run out” in 15 minutes and your subconscious minds are erased for good.

With your help, the Lucid Laboratory Team is working hard on developing the final version of Dream Link for public use. 


If you are interested in participating in Dream Link testing, please provide your electronic mail address here:

Thank you, you will be contacted by the Lucid Laboratory soon.

Dr. Hallard believes that humanity has much to gain from becoming more in touch with our dreams.

By sharing a dream with someone close to you, you effectively make that dream a real experience, rather than fleeting visions.

The potential for expansion of consciousness, creativity, and general psychological wellbeing has never been greater.

- Sincerely, Dr. Hallard and the Lucid Laboratory

* Technology is still in beta and successful dream synchronization is not guaranteed...

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